Creating design systems for Docker Enterprise

Docker’s core product is open-source, but now that the company has reached a valuation of over $1B they’re developing and positioning new enterprise products for paying customers. After acquiring my startup, Koality, Docker contracted me to create a series of case studies and decks to demonstrate the value of Docker Enterprise.

At the time, Docker had a new Head of Design and no internal design team, so while creating these marketing materials I developed a flexible document design guideline that would support a variety of content types so additional case studies could be easily developed.

Challenges & Approach

To kick off the project I met with David Messina, VP of Enterprise Marketing, and Betty Junod, Director of Product Marketing, to determine strategies for best communicating new enterprise features to customers and the press.

While I’d take into account traditional print considerations like line-width, typographic hierarchy, and image handling I also wanted to fully understand how the team would be using these documents to approach new customers.

Once I had assessed their strategy I was able to identify what components were needed to make up a successful case studies:

  • An area to immediately call-out impressive statistics
  • Pull-quotes to emphasize important points from real customers
  • An impactful style for architectural diagrams
  • Bulleted lists to summarize major accomplishments


The final materials—both case studies and pitch decks—were successful in helping Docker position themselves not only as a leader in open-source software but also for their enterprise offerings.

The document design system was flexible, worked well for quickly producing multiple case studies, and demonstrated Docker Enterprise’s success and effectiveness at companies like BBC News, ING, and Gilt Groupe.

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